Curtis Randall

Executive Creative Director


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Curtis Randall - Ascira Executive Leadership

Curtis Randall brings world-class strategic talent, proven passion and dedication to his role as Executive Creative Director. He has extensive knowledge in international advertising, video gaming and television production and has worked with brands such as Jaguar, Land Rover, Bentley, GSK, Pfizer, Best Buy, Electronic Arts and Sega.

Curtis believes great creative ideas are universal and can transcend cultures, markets, and technologies. He has the drive to find human truth behind every idea and has a passion for exploring design in new ways that can spark, connect, and resonate with people.

He has multi-disciplinary international experience, which includes film, editing, production, live-action directing, CG element creation, storyboard design, modeling, animation, and rendering, as well as recruitment of creative talent and managing teams of creatives.

Using the latest technology, Curtis’s ASCIRA team produces first-rate content that delivers the very best user experience for ASCIRA Academy members and customers. He is excited to now bring the ASCIRA vision to life at the new studio in Dubai.

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