We believe knowledge is essential for self-empowerment.

Wisdom from the world’s most exceptional professionals, speakers, authors, business experts, and social influencers will teach and inspire you to reach your goals, whatever they may be.

ASCIRA Academy is an on-demand knowledge platform. This system is designed for people to easily learn and take action to reach their desired results.

No matter your goals, whatever you want to learn, ASCIRA Academy gives you access to invaluable techniques to help you grow and master a new skill.

Learn at your own pace.
Invest in yourself.
Take life to the next level.

On-Demand Videos

On-Demand Videos, available 24/7, with diversified content from the best professionals, experts, authors, influencers, and successful leaders.

Sample Courses

Motivational speaker and self-made innovator Obom Bowen believes that excellence is a process – an achievable, continuous process that inevitably results when we learn to control how we think, what we expect, and what we believe. International business, political, and military leaders consult with him on how to do more with less and bring out the best in those with whom they work. Top athletes come to him for help with mastering the psychological aspects of peak performance. These techniques can benefit everyone at every step in their journey. This ASCIRA course is the ultimate shortcut to help you increase your wealth by changing your thought process. Our thought process forms the foundation on which we build every facet of our lives. Therefore, it is important for each of us to understand how our minds work – how we got the habits and attitudes, the beliefs that may stand in the way of releasing our vast inner potential and leading fulfilling and purposeful lives.

Become more awakened, focused, deep, more powerful, and effective by integrating both hemispheres of your brain and allowing them to work in synchronicity. Achieve better results faster with ASCIRA course by Cindie Wang.

It’s WHY TIME! In this ASCIRA course, Gerry Visca leads you to have a one on one conversation with your soul to help you answer the ONLY question that matters – WHY AM I HERE? Why Time is a new vision for the world – one where we all know WHY we are here – our deeper reason for being. Gerry is a 16-time author, founding publisher of Defyeneurs®, and a global speaker inspiring 1 Million WHY’s in the world. Through all of his inspirational creations he is inspiring a new ROI for our world; one where we exist to Reach Out and Inspire others.

Happy has mastered the art of building relationships worldwide and is passionate about delivering opportunities for an enriched lifestyle and financial freedom to the world. Happy has enjoyed the benefits of being a top income earner and assisting his business partners into this position as well. Mr. Hartmann believes that understanding the true meaning of “passive income” and “duplication” are the keys to success. He has lived his life under the core philosophies of Success as stated by Napoleon Hill. Happy teaches people to simply open their minds, be willing to change, and to focus on their dreams.

Give yourself the gift of learning.

It is the best investment you will ever make.

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