John Sachtouras

Chief Executive Officer & Founder

John Sachtouras is a dynamic entrepreneur, multi-lingual marketing strategist, with more than four decades of solid and diverse professional experience in the areas of business development, principles of leadership and teamwork.


He owned, managed, and consulted for multi-million dollar businesses in the USA and Latin America, responsible for daily operations, corporate restructuring, and strategic planning.

Consulted a number of private multi-million-dollar mid-size companies and a nationwide franchise corporation in the areas of marketing, sales, corporate re-structure, e-commerce, market expansion, and management growth with exceptional results. Conducted sales and training seminars throughout the US, Latin America, Europe, Africa, Australia, and Asia. He was the founder of various training seminars for personal development and leadership since 2002 and conducted thousands of business presentations and training around the world.

During his thirty-plus years in network marketing, John has applied his experience, knowledge, and strategies to building organizations of more than one million distributors all over the world, producing well over a billion dollars in total revenue! His results earned him a great personal and professional success, and he made history in the industry of network marketing. He is known as one of the most dynamic and influential leaders, with some of the most significant organization growth on record!

During the last several years he has received high accolades from his guest lectures at Universities, has been interviewed by many international TV programs, and has been a contributing writer in various magazines.

His success is attributed to incredible persistence, and a laser-like focus mentality, and years of diligent work and ongoing self-development, and most importantly, his NEVER GIVING UP attitude.

Under John’s leadership, ASCIRA is radically transforming how people connect with and consume personal and professional development content and get access to great rewards and discounts through online and e-commerce platforms.


Belynda Lee

Chief Operating Officer

In her more than two decades as a management executive, Belynda Lee has built a reputation for fostering strong international industry relationships with key corporate vendors and field sales teams. Her success shows through the retention and loyalty of high-profile, high-volume field associates.


Belynda has an innate ability to connect with people from all walks of life and works directly with the sales field to develop winning strategies impacting individual success. Her personable character and engagements as an international speaker have garnered Belynda a large following of fans around the world.

Belynda brings international business acumen, creativity, initiative, and an ability to perform as a cross-functional strategist. Her multilingual background assists her in facilitating multi-channel distribution strategies that benefit both corporate and sales teams globally. She launches million-dollar companies, manages billion-dollar companies by designing and implementing business operations, established policies that promote company culture and vision, overseen operations of companies, as well as the work of executives.

Creating a strong foundation for ASCIRA’s global growth is Belynda’s top priority. She emphases on organizational alignment, execution, and quality with a never-ending focus on the end-customer.

Curtis Randall

Executive Creative Director

Curtis Randall brings world-class strategic talent, proven passion and dedication to his role as Executive Creative Director. He has extensive knowledge in international advertising, video gaming and television production and has worked with brands such as Jaguar, Land Rover, Bentley, GSK, Pfizer, Best Buy, Electronic Arts and Sega.


Curtis believes great creative ideas are universal and can transcend cultures, markets, and technologies. He has the drive to find human truth behind every idea and has a passion for exploring design in new ways that can spark, connect, and resonate with people.

He has multi-disciplinary international experience, which includes film, editing, production, live-action directing, CG element creation, storyboard design, modeling, animation, and rendering, as well as recruitment of creative talent and managing teams of creatives.

Using the latest technology, Curtis’s ASCIRA team produces first-rate content that delivers the very best user experience for ASCIRA Academy members and customers.  He is excited to now bring the ASCIRA vision to life at the new studio in Dubai.

Social Lifestyle Community

ASCIRA born from a dream and a mission to change the world. To create a company that would help people positively transform their lives. A company built for the people.  A global network of progressive, forward-thinking social entrepreneurs who together could propel change. An organization that would provide the framework and the support they needed to succeed.

ASCIRA is a social lifestyle community with a network of entrepreneurs, working together to find new ways of thinking. A world in which every individual, and each organization, is committed to creating change and enhancing the lives of others.

Join us on our mission to ELEVATE leadership around the world.

ASCIRA provides you with a System, Training, and Support that will show you the way, guide you step-by-step, and help you secure your future for many decades to come.

ASCIRA’s goal is quite simple; we are here to help fulfill your dreams. We want to provide opportunities, teach, and support you as you achieve goals, whatever they may be. Everyone can be a change-maker- nothing is more powerful than that!

Join us on our mission to ELEVATE leadership around the world.

ASCIRA provides you with a System, Training, and Support that will show you the way, guide you step-by-step, and help you secure your future for many decades to come.

ASCIRA’s goal is quite simple; we are here to help fulfill your dreams. We want to provide opportunities, teach, and support you as you achieve goals, whatever they may be. Everyone can be a change-maker- nothing is more powerful than that!

The reason why I have joined ASCIRA is because the company is exactly in line with my passions and aspirations: I love learning and developing myself and developing others too and I am very passionate about Education and Personal Development. The world needs more Leaders and the potential for Leadership Development in ASCIRA is massive. The opportunity is offering so many ways for growth, because continuous growth and development is vital for any human being and anything that is not growing is dying. The reason why ASCIRA is different for me is because of the interesting products it offers with a very generous compensation plan, easy and duplicatable systems, even more interesting are future phases yet to come and most importantly for me people development is ASCIRA’s priority, because people are ASCIRA’s greatest assets. For me this is the most amazing Personal Development Program with an amazing compensation plan.

Khomotso Modiba

South Africa
I knew deep inside me that I needed something different, I needed something that’s gonna give me freedom: Freedom of spending time with my family, Freedom of traveling the world connect and learn about different people. I needed financial freedom, and needed something that will help me live my purpose…. I’m fulfilled when I can impact on other people’s lives, when I put a smile on someone’s face, I wouldn’t have done all this being stuck on my job working 8-12 hrs most of the time . I belong to the Stages and platforms telling my story to inspire millions global. I’m super excited to have partnered with ASCIRA, the Company for the people. The Vision of founder John gives me goosebumps. Someone who’s providing platform for me live purposeful

Samumelly Mabhena

South Africa
As a Teacher, Loctician, and Life-long learner I have had the humble honor of meeting and exchanging information with many people in various parts of the world. I truly believe that the world is the biggest classroom and intend to visit and learn from as many of those places as humanly possible. I am constantly looking at how to teach my three children that we can incorporate learning and travel into our lives. Being so much more culturally educated and multi-lingual is of the utmost importance to me. I have invested in and learned about various businesses that aim to pair education and travel in an attractive package. However, I found that it was never the fit I was looking for. ASCIRA has gotten it just right; it is member-based, educational and has phenomenal travel products. Not only does the company Founder / CEO Mr. John Sachtouras explain his vision well, but he teaches his members how we too can make our dreams a reality. One webinar at a time, one day at a time, one rank at a time, and before we know it- we will be living our own dream. I am excited to continue this learning journey and hope that you come along for what will be a life-changing path/ride/?

Christina Bridon

Estoy en ASCIRA porque deseo desarrollar mi liderazgo, capacitarme cada vez más, poder desarrollar y entregar a otras personas mi conocimiento y experiencia en el tema terapéutico a través de videos y mi libro. Lo que más me gusta es el estilo de vida y servir a los demás.

Clara Isabel Amezquita Aguirre

Just to share something unique & different on ASCIRA is: There is no conflict of interest with any other businesses as you can talk & discuss about any topics under 1 roof in ASCIRA. Why ASCIRA? Because I am able to release & discover my potential & strength to the fullest with purpose and able to learn, share & earn at the same time. What I like about ASCIRA is the individual alphabet meaning behind ASCIRA as it lays a deep foundation & also shape & transform a person inside out to become better.”

Kalos Kelvin Moey

I gave the ASCIRA business opportunity to my uncle in Quito, Ecuador and he then invited a cousin of mine in Manta, Ecuador who then invited his wife’s best friend in Spain.  We invited her to join a presentation but with the time difference it was 3am in Spain and she said I will not miss it, things are not getting easier with economy and this opportunity sounds too good to miss.  We now have members in three different countries all from the comfort of my home!!!”

Carmen Chomchird

Got to know of ASCIRA at the start of 2020 and just wow!! ASCIRA with its online learning, travel portal, social media and e-commerce will tear down all borders and let business simply flow! It’s truly one global platform for the people!! Am super excited to be among pioneers in my ASCIRA journey!”

Annie Chan

My name is Claudia Ramírez and live in Houston, Texas. I joined ASCIRA because it is the company that is building a gateway for over a billion people around the world. Over a billion people whose life will be forever changed as they attain knowledge and information that will lead them to live the life they desire. Working with Mr. John Sachtouras, under such an intelligent strategy, with some of the top markets, and the best leadership is priceless. I believe ASCIRA is creating change and making history right before our eyes. I am overwhelmed with emotions to be part of this company that is already changing my life and that of many others.

Claudia Ramirez

ASCIRA!!! 6 Letters!!! They are not just initials of important words but of deeper meanings!!! My gratification is immense that these words are a fact and taking place every day in ASCIRA! Thank you, Mr. Sachtouras!! Because your vision has not only enabled us to dream again but also because we can now go after those dreams in order to turn them into a reality!!

Aspasia Tsekoura

ASCIRA is the company that makes you dream again!! I met a magical world which I would have never thought existed, people with positive thinking and attitude! Thank you, Mr. Sachtouras for this gift!!”

Ioannis Kiourtzis

ASCIRA is unique and a pioneer because she turns the words into action and you are the star of your business and the result of your work is predefined! If I were to use single words to describe ASCIRA, Reward, Success, Vision, Evolution.”

Maria Efthymiadou

Through ASCIRA I have the way to turn the dream into a goal and a reality.”

Athanasia Zaproudi

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