Frequently Asked Questions

Contact us if you would like a representative to reach out to you. Click “Join Now” on the main page once you are ready to sign up as a new member under a representative to enjoy our free Virtual Management System. It is as simple as that!

Virtual Management System is an online business tool that assists ASCIRA members in managing their network and developing their business. As a Preferred Customer and Business Member, you will have 12 months of free access to our VMS Revolution Lite, followed by an optional upgrade to the VMS Revolution Pro with more features at $49 annually.

Currently we have 3 products available – ASCIRA Academy, ASCIRA Smart Travel, and the Codebreaker Explore! “Just Coffee” will be coming soon, so stay tuned!

To become a Business Member, you can purchase a Subscription Plan ranging from $199 to $4800, and then choose to subscribe to Smart Travel, Academy or Codebreaker Explore at a monthly rate. Retail Customers can select subscriptions at a retail price, whereas Preferred Customers and Business Members are qualified for our wholesale special price!

ASCIRA Academy is a live-streaming on-demand platform for knowledge and education. We are revolutionizing education by streaming top-notch content 24/7. You can watch it whenever and wherever you are!

Please reach out at cp@asciraglobal.com to find out more regarding the application process. Read HERE for some of the Frequently Asked Questions.

ASCIRA Smart Travel is a platform that gives you a chance to benefit from countless travel offers. This platform includes: Booking a flight, cruise, hotel, house, and apartments or even renting a car. Planning your holiday and journey of your dreams will be much easier with ASCIRA Smart Travel. You can also earn reward credits by sharing the discounts with your friends and family!

B.A.N.K.® is a new partner of ASCIRA, it is the world’s only sales methodology scientifically validated to accurately predict buying behavior in real time. B.A.N.K. provides you with the ability to identify the decision-making profile of your counterparts and understand what they value when making buying or other decisions, get ready to increase your sales up to 300%! All ASCIRA Members get the Codebreaker Kickstarter Pro for FREE!

We are now accepting Bitcoin and Bank Transfer as payment options. You can also apply gift cards or commissions during checkout.

No. It is not possible to create an account without a referral link. You need to be sponsored by someone who has a replicated website or referral link for you to enroll in ASCIRA.

You can purchase a 30-day access to Smart Travel OR Academy at $129 each per month as a Retail Customer. As a Retail Customer, you will not be entitled to earn any commissions or bonuses.

The subscription fee allows you to unlimited access to ASCIRA Academy with new contents refreshed every month, as well as unlimited access to our Smart Travel Discount portal whenever you need to travel or make a reservation at a hotel.

Firstly, create an ASCIRA account by purchasing a subscription plan. Next, locate the referral link of your replicated website in your VMS Revolution. Finally, copy and share it with your friends and family!

Invite your friends and earn rewards with Smart Orbit! Whenever your friends book their discounted travel, you will earn 50% of the savings in reward credits from their bookings.

Yes. Sales taxes are to be paid by ASCIRA members because Business Members are considered as Independent Contractors who will be responsible for their own income taxes.

Yes you may share the same account by submitting a registration form with your co-applicant’s full legal name, however for PayQuicker, it is strictly only one person for each account and Visa Card.

Enjoy 9 ways to get paid as a member which includes, personal retail bonus, matching bonus, placement team bonus, lifestyle bonus and more! We have designed this excellent Pay Plan to reward your commitment and efforts to work with ASCIRA.

For more inquiries, please contact our Customer Success Team at support@asciraglobal.com

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