Lights. Camera. Action.

At ASCIRA Studios we create, produce and do postproduction documentaries, interviews, and educational videos for visionaries in a way that delivers the best storytelling experience for our customers and ASCIRA Academy.

We’re also a leader in technological innovation and offer the most cutting-edge advancements in our unique state-of-the-art studio and editing suites.

Hollywood Style Productions at ASCIRA Studios

  • Broadcasting

  • TV Shows & News

  • Exclusive Interviews

  • Documentaries

  • Real-Life Experiences

  • Inspirational Success Stories

Located in one of the most attractive areas in Dubai marina, ASCIRA studios allows us to create 6k video recordings using multiple sets, broadcasting live and pre-recorded programs. The studio is able to broadcast multiple feeds from around the world at the same time, allowing us to interview people remotely.

Using the latest in technology we are able to create virtual 3D sets. The facilities include a modern sitting lounge, executive conference room, makeup room, editing room, and VIP training.

We also have a complete Mobile Unit with experts who travel around the world and record live events and training.

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