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Pagespeed Review


We performed pagespeed tests from 11:00 to 12:30 noon (23 June 2021) using 3rd-party services, the results of which follows.

Current Website

Current Pagespeed Index of the website on (performed on 12:24pm)

Versatile Synergy-made Website

Current Pagespeed Index of the website on (performed on 12:20pm)

Visual Loading Test

We ran three tests and timed how long until the website is loaded and interactive

Run # 1

Run # 2

Run # 3


The website is visually loaded within 3 secs but is interactive after 6 seconds. This is due to the high-resolution video loading on the background.

Lighthouse Performance Test

This test is similar to the first test but we ran it twice and on a server outside of the UAE.

Forward-looking action

We are working on reducing load time of the videos but performance on mobile will always by lower because of the disparity in resources when compared to a desktop. The next step will be to transfer this site to the current domain and see if there are changes in page speed.


*Versatile Synergy’s test servers are based in Dubai and aren’t boosted in any way.